What we know about the widening of Sharon Road

oak lane outside view

As everybody probably knows by now, Sharon road is going to be widened to 4 lanes.  Several of us have been notified that some of our property is required as an easement for this project.

Forsyth county's May 2011 Comprehensive Transportation update here says about Sharon Road:

"Sharon Road is a two-lane minor arterial connecting SR 141 on the west to Old Atlanta Road on the east. Due to development that is continuing in this portion of Forsyth County, Sharon Road is under design as a four-lane median section roadway in order to provide better access to SR 141 and SR 400 from residential areas around Old Atlanta Road. "

I believe the Camp's property may be the largest affected plot, with around 5000 sq ft. The plans show about 1975 sq ft for the Warren's, about 1700 sq ft for the Newton's, and about 4000 sq ft for the Mooney's.  In addition, it seems likely that we may lose one or both of our entry walls.  The county has offered our homeowners association a sum of money for this.

The project information is available on the Forsyth County website: Sharon Road Project

Looking at the plans, my biggest concern is that the addition of a median will prevent us from turning into Oak Lane from the west, and from exiting to the east. This will likely be a major inconvenience for many of us.

The county is currently in the process of acquiring this land.

We are planning a meeting in the near future to discuss this matter.