November 2015 Sharon Road Update

Several of us have contacted an attorney in order to try and get a fair settlement for our right-of-way property.  In most cases the issue goes beyond the land itself, in that the county will be removing the line of privacy trees that mask us from Sharon road.  This will significantly change the feel of our neighborhood, and will, we believe, lower our property values as well as our enjoyment of our homes.  In my case, a storm water retention "feature" is planned, which I am told will be filled with "riprap", or crushed stone.  

The area of the right-of-way required from me is about 1900 square feet, or 75% of the footprint of my house.  Another several hundred square feet is "construction" access, which I assume means "cleared bare".  So adding landscaping to obscure the "feature" and hide Sharon road as well as it is currently is will be no small (or inexpensive) undertaking.  My initial look tells me that each 5' privacy tree will run at least $400 planted, and it will take another couple of years for them to grow enough to serve their purpose well.


I will also mention that an offer has been made by the county to the homeowners for the landscaping at the front of the subdivision.  As I've mentioned before, we will retain only one of the two current subdivision entrance signs (on the Camp's side), and the landscaping around it will likely to be stripped bare.  So at least part of these funds will have to be used to restore the entrance area.  Now of late, there have been at least a couple of residents who have balked at paying the yearly fee required to keep the entry landscaping cared for and the grass mowed. (When we moved in, everyone had a month assigned to care for this area, and made a $25 contribution to pay for electricity)

It is worth noting that we do not have a legally binding homeowners association, in that this is not specified as part of our deed restrictions or covenants.  However,  keeping our lawns cared for is so specified, and could certainly be taken to include a common area. So we could, if it became an issue, request Forsyth county to enforce this covenent.  I, for one, would rather not go back to having assigned months to worry about the front area.

In any case, this issue complicates things way beyond what they would otherwise be.  It perhaps makes the best option to put all of these funds into an account to restore and maintain the entryway, which would last for at least a few years.  Of course, if everyone were contributing, it might make sense to actually distribute some part of these funds. That would be nice. But then should the parties that have refused to join in maintaining the common area be included?  Believe me, some of those who have had to make up the shortfall last year are not so inclined.  So this choice would likely not lead to a friendly, happier neighborhood.

[Any comments from registered residents are welcomed.  Please remember to be nice :-) ]