Latest on Sharon Road Widening

The plan for Oak Lane

We still don't know when this will start.  But right-of-way acquisition is underway.  Here are the latest items we know.

  1. They will leave the "Twelve Oaks" sign on the Camp's (west) side, but not on the Newton's (east).
  2. The east side fence and all of the trees along Sharon road will come down. This will include a corridor of trees from Sharon road all the way in to part of the second lot (Warren's).
  3. You will only be able to enter Twelve oaks from the eastbound lane, and exit westbound.  THere will be a concrete median.  To go eastbound, we think you will be able to u-turn at the Sharon Springs park entrance.  The next opportunity would be at Sharon Walk. To enter from the west, there will be an actual u-turn lane at Chloe road.
  4.   Considering how bad the current traffic is, construction will probably make things worse for many months.