Front Entrance Maintenance

The appearance of our Twelve Oaks entryway is an important concern in protecting our property values - a real first impression of our little street, if you will.  And of course we all have the deed restrictions (listed here), that stipulate that lawns must be maintained in an aesthically pleasing manner.  Realistically, this would certainly include the common area of the entryway, which has been there since the subdivision was built.  So legally, we are all responsible for maintaining this area, whether everyone is happy with that or not.

A number of years back, the entryway maintenance was covered by everyone taking care of that area for one month out of the year, which generally even included decorating for holidays, etc.  However, for many, that was just too much effort to commit to.  This was why we went to paying a yearly fee to have it done for us instead.

Initially, in 2010-2013, a relative of one of the residents handled this task for $100 a person.  In 2013, this went to $105.  However, in 2014, we had to look for a new lawn service.  At that time, Roberto's Lawn Service took over the maintenance of the front entrance. Several of us have had Roberto care for our lawns, and are quite pleased with his service.  He has maintained the same price for many years.  But that price was $40 a week. 

So in 2014, it was requested that everyone pay $150 to cover that cost.  However, with 1 abstainer, even that fell short of the amount required.  So in 2015, the amount was raised to $160.  That would have been sufficient, but two families did not elect to participate that year.  So  again, the result was a shortfall, with Bobby and Mary each kicking in an extra $50 to cover costs for the year.

So this year we are ponying up to the tune of $175 to have the front entrance cared for.   As homeowner fees go, that is still not much.

This amount is based on the 39 weeks (April 6 through Dec 31st) at $40 a week, with 9 of the 12 families paying (John has always been excused from paying, because he pays the electric bill for the lights all year long).  Note that Roberto has agreed to cut and edge, trim shrubbery, and dress with pine straw as needed.  So while mowing may not be necessary every week over the entire period, consider that the other services require extra effort.  This is the way we manage our own lawns with Roberto, considering that we are paying a yearly fee, rather than just a weekly mowing cost.

39 weeks x $40/week = $1560  ÷ 9  =  $173.33

Now, if everyone were to agree to pay, this would come out to:     

1560 = 1635  ÷  11 = $141  so $145 would cover it all (there are bank fees when the balance is low, and other incidental costs).  

So we hope that the one or two families that are reluctant to join with us to provide this necessary function will reconsider their decision.  This is not a money making operation.  This is not a mean old homeowners association trying to bully you.  It's just your neighbors joining together to support each other, maintain property values, and to try and be fair.


And a quick note on the Sharon Road widening project:

When this project occurs, the county is going to tear down one or both of our signs and probabably all of the landscaping.  They have made us an offer of compensation for this, which we think is currently a little on the low side.  This will probably be resolved this year.  The amount we eventually receive for this will be used to restore at least one sign and landscaping for the entrance.  If any funds remain, we intend to apply them to the entryway maintenance for as long as they last.  If you have any questions about this, please ask.