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Stay up-to-date on Forsyth County Road Projects

Here's a Link to a map of the location and status of the county's road projects.

Craving Attention!

Enjoy your new refrigerator magnet!  I wanted some way to raise our level of TWO WAY communication.

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Watch out for Copperheads!

Last year, we killed three on our driveway.  Myrna just used a shovel on #1 for this year.

New Section Of Big Creek Greenway Now Open


Newly opened 2.8-mile section of the greenway.

Your Chance To Look at Forsyth County's Plan For the Future

Forsyth County

Open houses to review drafts of the county's new comprehensive plan are set for August 29 and August 31.

Front Entrance Maintenance

The appearance of our Twelve Oaks entryway is an important concern in protecting our property values - a real first impression of our little street, if you will. (And a quick note on the Sharon Road widening project).

Saving money


It's true, and its just the way it works.  As soon as your "special rate"expires, your bill will go up. Now, what you thought was costing you more than you could afford has become downright outrageous.  What to do?  Well, the good news is that you can do something! 

November 2015 Sharon Road Update

Several of us have contacted an attorney in order to try and get a fair settlement for our right-of-way property...

Latest on Sharon Road Widening

The plan for Oak Lane

We still don't know when this will start.  But right-of-way acquisition is underway.  Here are the latest items we know.


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